Source: Chronicle, The (Australia)
Contact: FAX: 612 6239 1345
Pubdate: 13 Oct 1998
Section: Page 4
Author: Victor Heath


EVERY week reports surface that used syringes are found in parks, walkways,
or around flats after being discarded by junkies and hopheads -- so-called
welfare and do-gooding groups treat addicts as some kind of poor misguided
people looking for some kind of release from so-called pressures and
stress. Thanks to these Michael Moore look-alikes the numbers of addicts
increases weekly and besides robberies, we have young girls prostituting
themselves to buy products that are illegal.

And no matter how rose tinted the glasses are, when you look closely,
addicts are criminals, using prohibited drugs. Athletes caught using drugs
get punished. Why not junkies?


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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski