Pubdate: 14 October 1998
Source: Anderson Valley Advertiser (CA)
Contact:  Anderson Valley Advertiser
Author: Name withheld by AVA



Although Proposition 215 has passed, the public is still not safe from
intrusion by our citizen police. We are still being harassed,
searched, and stolen from, thus causing various inconveniences as we
go our lawful ways.

The following suggestions are offered to help our lawful citizens in
alleviating if not circumventing entirely the intent of the occupying
force at this critical time of year: harvest, manicure and

After you harvest and set to cure, remove all your clothing keeping it
separate and away from your domicile, bathe thoroughly and put on
fresh clothes.

After manicuring, place your harvest in sealed plastic bags or other
air-tight container. WASH THE CONTAINER, and have a second party, who
has not touched or been too near the operation, recover the washed
containers and place them in a second uncontaminated container and

It is also important to remember that anyone who has been in contact
with the harvest not be allowed to touch or be in contact with the
transportation vehicle.

If you are profile-stopped by the police and they detect the smell of
harvest on you and call in the dogs, what the dogs detect first are
you, the unwashed containers, and things that were in contact with the
harvest and transport vehicle, thus providing probable cause for
further search.

Check your car for possible violations as it is unwise to do
infractions and misdemeanors while committing perceived felonies.

And finally, think of a room you use most every morning. After you
have been in there for a while you become unaware of the odors you
have produced. When you open the door, everybody knows but you.

Name Withheld,

PS. Use your resin bag to wipe down vehicles known to belong to the
opposing force. It'll drive 'em coo-coo. 

- ---
Checked-by: Rich O'Grady