Source: Wisconsin State Journal
Pubdate: October 17, 1998
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After reading your article "Three candidates, one big job" in the October
4th Wisconsin State Journal, it is clear to me that Peter Steinberg is the
best choice for district attorney.

Steinberg is the only candidate willing to address the reality that the
harmful effects of current drug policies are leading our society down the
road to ruin.

His rivals can only offer more of the same failed drug war policies that if
allowed to continue unabated, will not only lead to further erosion of our
constitutional rights, but also to higher and higher tax bills.

As district attorney, Peter Steinberg's will make Dane County a safer place
for all by focusing resources on prosecuting crimes of violence against
persons and property, rather than wasting tax dollars and ruining lives by
enforcing marijuana prohibition.

Gary Storck, Madison

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Checked-by: Joel W. Johnson