Pubdate: 13 Oct 1998
Source: Bulletin, The (OR)
Section: My nickel's worth
Page: A-6
Author: Wayne Haythorn


In your Oct. 3 article on medical marijuana, you write "Marinol, a
synthetic version of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is a
reasonable alternative." In fact, there are over 60 active ingredients in
the plant. The drug warriors say that THC is "the active ingredient"
because it is the one that does the most to get you high.  It is apparently
effective for glaucoma, but not for chemotherapy nausea, or AIDS wasting

Let us summarize the position of the drug warriors.  The stuff that gets
you high is legal, but only if you buy it from a drug company. The stuff
that relieves nausea is not legal at all, because they haven't yet decided
which drug company will get the monopoly on its distribution.  The
medicinal herb, that patients can grow for themselves, is illegal under any

The reason for this is that you and your doctor cannot decide what is safe
for you.  Only politicians can make that decision.  If you and your doctor
don't agree with the politicians, you will go to jail and your doctor will
lose his license.

This is not the way Americans are meant to live.  Let yourself be guided by
compassion for the sick and suffering, and stand up for your own freedom.
Vote yes on 67.

Thank you, Wayne Haythorn Mosier, OR 541-478-2444 
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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski