Pubdate: 5 Oct 98
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright (c) The Orange County Register
Author: Larry Geromette, Laguna Niguel

In "medicinal marijuana use"[Talk Show,Sept.29] Carl Armbrust
mentioned numerous groups/agencies that, in his opinion, do not
condone the use of "pot" for medical reasons. He went as far as to
say, "a relatively small handful of people who want to smoke pot have
more credibility than" these groups. I wish to comment on some facts
Armbrust conveniently left out; the main one being the people of
California voted for the medical use of marijuana.

I am so tired of a small handful of self-righteous "individuals"
spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars to change the opinion of the
majority of Californians. Furthermore, a good percentage of our
elected officials view the masses as uninformed and illiterate - in a
word stupid. Since they are unable to make an intelligent decision
"they" need representation. Finally, I believe, within those
organizations he mentioned, a good percentage of the employees may
have voted for the proposition.

Is anyone else tired of voting on propositions only to have
"individuals" whom we pay good tax dollars spend enormous amounts of
tax dollars trying to defeat the people's choice?

Larry Geromette Laguna Niguel

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Checked-by: Pat Dolan