Source: Capital Times, The  (WI)
Pubdate: Thu, 08 Oct 1998
Author: Gary Storck, Madison


Dear Editor: The candidacy of Madison native Peter L. Steinberg for District
Attorney presents Dane County voters with an excellent opportunity to elect
a district attorney who will focus on prosecuting crimes of violence against
persons and property, rather than wasting tax dollars and ruining lives by
enforcing marijuana prohibition.

Unlike his opponents, Steinberg understands that prohibition is wrong for
many reasons, costing more and accomplishing less than legalization, and
posing a serious threat to personal liberty.

Peter Steinberg has not built his career on the war on drugs, as many
politicians have, but instead has the courage and insight to recognize
prohibition is a failure, and to give us a way out of this monstrosity on a
local level.

Steinberg's 20-plus years of criminal law experience make him extremely
well-qualified for this position, and his fresh outlook would bring welcome
changes to an office now mired in the tired rhetoric of failed
prohibitionist policies.

Promote rational drug policies and a safer Dane County by electing Peter L.
Steinberg Dane County District Attorney on November 3rd!

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Checked-by: Don Beck