Pubdate: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Contact:  213-237-4712
Author: Jose Reines 


Jesus Blancornelas (Commentary, Sept. 27) tells us that the emperor
has no clothing. Where are the media and law enforcement on
identifying the U.S. drug cartel leaders?

Nowhere. Are we battling a $10-billion war against a drug army without
leaders? Why can we not win? The answer may be that the drug trade
creates corruption at all levels. Such high gross margins cannot be
found in any legal enterprise.

If drugs were legal, we would win the war and be able to regulate them
and reduce demand the way we have done with cigarettes. You say that
they are more dangerous than cigarettes? Sure, but in the open you can
help the people with addiction propensities. 

JOSE REINES Hacienda Heights
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Checked-by: Patrick Henry