Pubdate: 09/14/1998
Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Author: A. Lachlan


Yuor continued denigration of those who write to you in an effort to open
your eyes is astounding. Bill Gallagher (letter Sept. 10), by trying to help
you see the truth about our horrible, failed war on (some) drugs became the
target of yet another of your narrowminded outbursts. Huh? Have we been
smoking a little "wacky tobbacky?"

It's quite ironic that the, "reefer madness" mentality you use to insult is
the very foolishness he was trying to educate out of you! May I suggest you
read the excellent Drug Crazy by Mike Gray, for surely there could not be a
thinking person on the planet, who, having read this book would still
support the crazy war on (some) drugs. Childish outbursts like yours do not
belong in the media.

A. Lachlan

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Checked-by: Rolf Ernst