Source: Evening News (Norwich UK)
Contact:  Fri, 11 Sep 1998
Author: Alan Mason


JAMES Sandham (August 20) has clearly hit upon the right plant to deal
with England's drug problem.  One need only to look to the United
States to realise how effective this plan would be.

Admittedly, we have not yet totally solved our drug problem here in
the US, but a final solution is near at hand.  One must keep in mind
that we only have about 1.7 million people in prison, of which only
around half are there for drug-related crime, and a mere 3.9 million
on parole or probation.

While we do have one of the largest per capita prison populations in
the free world, the fact that drugs are as freely available as ever
shows that we still have a way to go.

Fortunately, our tireless government officials are well aware that
sacrifices must be made, and have wisely chosen to cut funding for the
less essential programmes such as education in order to build dozens
more much needed prisons.

Perhaps the only thing Mr Sandham left out was a suggestion to
relocate the population of Ireland and build electric fences and guard
towers around the entire island so that it can be used as a prison.

This will surely be needed once it is realised that alcohol is also a
recreational drug, and millions of pub owners and customers are
brought to justice and imprisoned.

We in the US are not so lucky as to have such an ideal place to house
our prisoners, but there are rumours that a deal to purchase Greenland
is being negotiated.

Alan Mason
United States
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Checked-by: Patrick Henry