Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Pubdate: Monday, 7 September 1998
Author: Larry Beale


I'm getting increasingly angry at a world that seems to want to live
in total denial. Case In point: Princess Diana!

One year ago, a drunk driver killed the princess. That's what
happened. It's really simple.

The driver had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system
and he crashed the car, killing himself, Dodi Al Fayed, and the
princess. However, for a year now, the press has searched desperately
for other explanations to this tragedy.

Photographers!  That's  it! Photographers killed the woman! Let's ban
the photographers! Why? Well, they were driving behind her car. That's
why! I've found that generally when driving a car there will be other
cars behind you.

Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi's father, has grabbed onto any theory that the
National Enquirer will print. These range from murder conspiracy to
alien intervention.

Why as a society do we refuse to look at the destruction that is being
caused by this drug - alcohol? Thousands of people are killed each
year in car accidents! Countless acts of violence! Brain and liver
damage! Broken lives!

We've declared war on much milder drugs. But for more than a year now,
we have refused to look at the obvious: Booze killed the princess! And
even though members of the press were on the scene, they still haven't
got the story right!

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