Pubdate: Wed, 2 Sep 1998
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Treatment for Drug Addicts

* Mike Gray's description of a rational and effective approach to treat
drug addiction would never be tolerated by the drug lords. (Commentary,
Aug. 26). It would put their multibillion-dollar drug cartels out of
business. They can't allow that to happen and would use all their power and
money to prevent it. Perhaps this is why it seems to be political suicide
to even mention that there might be more creative or unconventional ways to
fight the drug problem.



* As a longtime resident of the United States, born in the United Kingdom,
I was appalled at the article concerning a heroin addict in Liverpool, who
had turned her life and that of her children around as the result of a
program in which she was legally provided with an amount of heroin
necessary to maintain a productive lifestyle.

The woman had held down a job, got off welfare and was caring for her
children. As the result, apparently, of pressure from the American Embassy,
the program was closed down, and the subject of the article had returned to
her previous self-destructive lifestyle. How dare the American government
interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation?

I am disgusted with the spinelessness of the British government for giving
in to whatever coercion was applied, but even more am speechless with fury
at the highhanded behavior of this country. So many Americans wonder why
they are so unpopular in so many parts of the world.

Our government would be far better served by attending to its own problems
instead of attempting to impose its own failed solutions on others.


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