Source: Olympian, The (WA)
Contact:  18 Aug 98
Author: David L. Edwards, M.D.
Note: Headline by MAP Editor


Kind Madam/Sir :

It was heartening to see a rare show of harmony and sanity in today's
Olympian with regard to an often controversial subject.

Both David Boze and Walt Bowen, writing columns respectively for the
"Right" and "Left", concurred in support of Initiative-692 which would
allow medicinal use of marijuana by seriously ill patients.

This really emphasizes that this is a narrowly focused Initiative deserving
of bi-partisan support. It is all about compassion for a narrow range of
suffering patients under physician supervision, and has nothing to do with
the war on recreational use of drugs. Even such politically disparate
legislators as conservative Republican Senator Bob McCaslin of Spokane and
liberal Democratic Senator Jeanne Kohl of Seattle agree on the issue.

We hope that the Olympian will follow the lead of the Seattle Post-
Intelligencer in endorsing this revised, long overdue humanitarian Initiative.


David L. Edwards, M.D.
2715 Schirm Loop, N.W.
Olympia, Washington, 98502
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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski