Pubdate: August 25, 1998
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Author: David Galvis


Re "Ad Plan: Your Tax Dollars on Drugs," Aug. 20: Let me try to understand
what the genius powers have concocted now. It seems that they are giving $1
billion to the coffers of advertising agencies, television networks, the
print media, producers and talent agencies.

In return, this needy group will proffer new exciting ways to tell us all
that drugs are still bad. Hmm. Did I vote for this? Let's try a simple
mathematical equation for [drug czar] Barry McCaffrey and company: $1
billion divided a $12,500 annual  college tuition equals 80,000 students.

Your strategy relies on the 30-second sound bite to scare kids away off
drugs--an arguable proven failure. While my strategy implements nine months
of literacy, comprehension, enlightenment, wisdom and achievement for
80,000-plus underprivileged students. Meanwhile, the kingpins are laughing
all the way to the bank. It is time for mandatory drug testing inside the


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