Source: Advertiser, The (Australia)
Contact:  Tue, 18 Aug 1998
Author: Anthony Keane


FOUR inmates from Adelaide Women's Prison and two male visitors have been
charged with drug offences.

The men allegedly tried to smuggle heroin into the prison.

Acting on a tip-off last week, police and Correctional Services
investigators carried out a "sting" operation on Sunday.

Department of Correctional Services spokesman Mr Bill Power said several
grams of heroin were seized after the men allegedly hid it in a "body

One man, 32, was charged with possessing a prohibited substance for supply,
and the other man, 53, was charged with taking part in the supply of heroin.

The four prisoners have been charged with taking part in the supply of
heroin and will be jointly charged with the men with introducing a
prohibited substance to a prison.

The men were granted police bail and will appear in court at a later date.

"While the amount of heroin is small compared to street drug busts, it
should recognised that even the smallest amount of drugs is exceptionally
valuable to prisoners," Mr Power said.

"Drugs have been a problem in prisons - we have always said that."

Early last week a man and a woman were arrested near Port Augusta Prison's
outer fence, allegedly, with heroin, cannabis and pills hidden Inside
tennis balls.

They will appear before the Port Augusta Magistrates Court on September 7.

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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski