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Author: Carl Olsen
Pubdate: 12 Aug 98 


My thanks to Jennifer Wilson for filling us in on the goings-on at the
annual Bob Marley Festival ("Bob's Name in Vain").  Bob Marley was a
Rastafarian, whose beliefs included the ritual use of marijuana and
abstinence from alcohol.  In fact, the Bob Marley Foundation is suing a
Panamanian beer company for using Bob's image to promote its beer.

Just in case the Bob Marley Foundation isn't aware that Connie Derry
finances her festival with the sale of beer, I sent the foundation a copy
of your article.

Iowa NORML was invited to attend one of the first Bob Marley festivals a
few years ago, and we got the message that Connie was unhappy with our
"Legalize Pot" signs.  Iowa NORML does not advocate the use of marijuana,
but we believe the people like Bob Marley, who used it for spiritual
purposes, should not be considered criminals.

Thanks again for your superior reporting.

Carl E. Olsen
Des Moines

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