Source: San Francisco Chronicle (CA) 
Pubdate: 14 Aug 1998


Editor -- Dan Lungren is a sugar-coated pickle, sweet on the outside,
but sourer than any dill on the inside. The people of California had a
good look at Lungren's true nature with his behavior toward medical
marijuana users.

For the past two years Lungren has defied the will of the people with
an all-out assault on Proposition 215. Instead of supporting the
democratic will of the majority, this sour gherkin has not hesitated
to attack the sick and dying.

Whatever Lungren's glib vision for California may be, we already know
that this man has no compassion and no respect for the majority will.
Lungren violated his oath of office by attempting to veto Proposition
215 with the attorney general's office and he will betray the trust of
the people again if elected governor.

California cannot afford a mean-spirited sour pickle like Dan Lungren
who hides behind a cotton-candy mask.

San Francisco
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