Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Pubdate: Thu, 13 Apr 1998


Although grateful to the Register's editorial staff and (Metro columnist)
Gorden Dillow for their support of Orange County's Doctor-Patient_nurse
Cannibis Co-Op founder Marvin Chavez' courageous battle to bring medicinal
marijuana to sick and dying people, I feel compelled to respond to certain
innuendoes and mischaracterizations.

On Aug. 5, Chavez decided to stand on principal and reject a very humane
offer to negotiate the case by Judge Robert Fitzgerald.

At no time did attorney Robert Kennedy or i ever instruct Chavez to accept
an offer that I have never communicated to the media or tell him that it
was the "smart move"as erroneously stated by Dillow["Co-Op founder opts to
take a gutsy step,"Metro,Aug.6]. Further,an editorial piece just days
before referred to Kennedy and I as "busy lawyers with heavy trial
calenders" who seemingly desire a quick,easy resolution to the case is
equally false.

Bob Kennedy and I watched our respective son and father die slowly and
agonizingly of cancer,without the therapeutic benefit marijuana might have
provided due to a Dark Ages mentality that would have driven them into dark
alleys for that relief.We accepted Marvin's case pro bono and have logged
substantial time and expense in his defense.We expect no
remuneration,financial or otherwise,and have unswervingly stood steadfast
behind his cause and defense.

The Register's protrayal of our commitment to Chavez,Proposition 215 and
all those sick and dying people who benefit from them as less than
assiduous is uninformed and untrue.

We eagerly look forward to answering the bell for trial on Aug.24 and
arguing Chavez' case to the people who enacted the Compassionate Use
Act-the voters of California and Orange County.

Jon Alexander-Dana Point
Mr. Alexander is defense counsel for Marvin Chavez.

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Checked-by: (Joel W. Johnson)