Source: NewTimes (CA)
Pubdate: 13 Aug 1998
Section: opinion, page 6
Author: Redford Givens, Mill Valley


An outstanding characteristic of professional liars is their insistence
that they can do no wrong. The narcs who wasted six months watching
Nickolaus Kopp and Howard Leasure ["The Heat Takes Some Heat," New Times,
July 30] found absolutely no evidence supporting their delusionary claims
that the men were running a meth lab, but they told press that the two were
making more than 10 pounds of white powder - turned out to be sodium
benzoate, a preservative found in most soft drinks.

Instead of offering an apology after their mistake was revealed, Sgt. Jim
English said, "It doesn't even remotely mean that it wasn't a meth case."
In other words, things like proof and evidence simply do not matter to
narcomaniacs out to make a drug bust. In the world of narco doublthink a
person is guilty if the drug warriors say so, no matter what the facts may be.

It's time to end this immoral policy called the "war on drugs."

Redford Givens

Mill Valley

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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski