Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Pubdate: 20, July 1998

In his letter July 6 entitled "Legalize RU 486," Fred Abalon Jr.
states that "abortion is already legal in this country.Why not try to
save some taxpayers' money with a proven,safe abortion pill?"

Obtaining RU486(mifepristone) is not just a trip to the drugstore to
pick up an inexpensive prescription.A minimum of three trips to an
abortion provider,over a 12-15 day period,is necessary,plus an
additional drug. Even then, approximately 4 percent of RU486 abortions
are unsuccessful.

Additionally,because of the very real possibility of  life-threatening
complications,the abortion provider needs a full array of emergency
room equipment. One abortion provider said,"If my daughter came to me
and said,"I'm pregnant,what method should I use?' I wouldn't recommend

The real way to save tax money is for us to regain a proper respect
for God's gifts of sexuality and life in the womb.

Dale Dieleman-Orange

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Checked-by: "Rich O'Grady"