Pubdate: Thu, 25 Jun 1998
Source: Toronto Star (Canada) 
Note: The 'TTC' is the Toronto Transit Commission.  There have been no
drug-related accidents, so the new policy came as a surprise.  The original
article is at:


Re: New TTC staff face drug tests (May 30).  There are more humane ways of
dealing with substance issues in the workplace, ways that do not violate a
person's right to privacy from intrusion by the state or employer.

Drug testing means you have to prove your innocence whether or not there
exists reasonable grounds to suspect.

One could say if you aren't using drugs, then what do you have to fear? You
have much to fear, the greatest loss: your right to privacy.

I am reminded of McCarthyism, for this is what it is.

Paul Jarman, Windsor

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Checked-by: Melodi Cornett