Source: Evening News (Norwich UK)
Contact:  Fri, 12 Jun 1998


It is true that your columns are regularly used to give readers a balanced
opinion on the issue of the legalisation of cannabis (Opinion, June 4) and
I congratulate you for it.  It is, indeed, a "legitimate campaign".

I admire the sensitivity of Mr Jack Girling of the CLCIA who cancelled the
wreath-laying ceremony so as not to offend the feelings of war veterans.

But we in turn should remember the justified despair of those who wish to
use cannabis /marijuana for physical and mental health and well-being, who
are persecuted, imprisoned and ostracized for their beliefs and lifestyle.

Is it any wonder that a 'link' is made between these people and the people
that Hitler and the Nazis wanted to have removed from society, the Jews,
the gypsies, disabled and those of different religious and spiritual

Ann Clarke
Mount Pleasant

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