Pubdate: Fri, 12 Jun 1998
Source: Evening News (Norwich UK)

As Chairman, and on behalf of the members of Norwich and District Branch of
the Normandy Veterans Association, I write to express our appreciation for
a gesture made by some of our younger people. As is now our custom, we
veterans gather at the war memorial on June 6 each year, (the anniversary
of D-Day) to pay homage to those of our comrades who were killed in the
Normandy landings and thereafter.

Following the unfortunate controversy that arose a day or so earlier this
year, it was indeed heart-warming and encouraging to find already placed on
the war memorial a large bouquet of flowers dedicated with thanks to all
veterans from "The Youth of Earlham".

It is all too easy and perhaps customary nowadays to criticise those of our
younger generations, so it is therefore all the more gratifying to be able
to say to these young people a sincere and grateful thank you for what you

We, in this branch of the Normandy Veterans' Association, devote much time
and effort, especially through our schools visiting team, to put across a
message of the futility and waste of war and the vital need for

It is indeed comforting to know that there are very many of our younger
people, largely unsung, who do care, who do think about the wider issues
and who do consider others.  We salute them.

L.J. Bennett,
Colindeep Lane,

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