Source: Evening News (Norwich UK) 
Pubdate: 5 Jun 1998



I have to respond to your editorial opinion (June 4) on the planned laying
of wreaths by the Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association.

It said that you considered the plan to be a "crass" stunt.

Actually, it is a heart-felt plea to governments across the world to end
the devastating and inhumane war against those who choose to use certain
drugs over others.

It certainly does not harm the "credibility" of the campaign by making
people aware that there are HUMAN casualties in the 'War on Drugs.'

Nor does it harm the cause to bring attention to this Government's stubborn
and intolerant stance and the general public's apathy towards Human Rights

To the people who say the drug laws are fair, I ask is it fair to take
people away from their families, criminalise and imprison them, confiscate
their property and ruin their lives, for choosing to taking a drug and
harming nobody?

There most certainly is a link to the World War; our soldiers fought
against the same sort of intolerance of other choices.

Think of William Foster, a family man, presently serving 93 years in a
Texas prison for growing a few marijuana plants to try to ease his
suffering from crippling rheumatoid arthritis.

Those who ignore the plight of people like him are no different to those
who ignored the fight of those who were persecuted under the Nazis.

I urge everyone who believes in the freedom of choice and in human rights,
to join the call to free the prisoners of this very real war - the war on

Melissa Dawson 
- ---
Checked-by: Richard Lake