Pubdate: Sun, 24 May 1998
Source: Dallas Morning News
Author: Bob Wilson


Drug war hypocrisy rises to new levels with sex and drugs rolled up in the
same pill. Viagra is a drug that is prescribed to enhance and increase
sexual activity. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll; Americans are "tripping" over
one another in pursuit of a drug-induced sexual experience.

The battle cry, "What kind of message are we sending the children?" is
little more than pillow talk among the zero-tolerance mind-set and the total
abstinence to sex messengers. Drug war hypocrites are too busy bathing in
the afterglow to acknowledge their own blatant drug-taking, sex-seeking
behavior with this new drug.

Why isn't anyone asking, "What about the children?" in the case of Viagra
and consenting sexual behavior? Because adults having sex or using drugs
responsibly, whether it be marijuana or Viagra, is an example of a rational
drug policy as it applies to adults. And a rational drug policy is something
that drug war advocates don't want you to think about. Have a cocktail and
some Viagra. Ask about war, that's the violent message we are sending the


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Checked-by: "Rolf Ernst"