Source: Dallas Morning News
Pubdate: Fri, 22 May 1998


The media concern that is being shown to the Plano community during its
difficult time dealing with drugs can only be described and in two words,
"So what?"

I can't believe that the Dallas-Fort Worth media can be so prejudiced in
this day and time. You act as if the problem only came to your attention a
year ago. There are other residents of this area who have been dealing with
drugs for years and I don't recall you (Dallas Morning News or WFAA-Channel
8) doing a weekly special on how the drugs are affecting our communities.

My words do not mean to belittle the drug problem in the Plano community,
but frankly I don't care.

I, unfortunately, have the same attitude you and those who live outside of
Dallas had when you thought it was only affecting the inner city (poor
families) and not the more affluent areas. I have a hard time feeling sorry
for these people. The hurt and pain they feel today is very real; but my
question is, did they feel the same pain when they only thought it only
happens to the inner city and not my kids?

Now that it is Plano families whose children have the same drug problem
that we have been suffering with for several years, now you say the problem
is in "North Texas."

As a person who grew up in South Dallas and Oak Cliff, I feel I can say
this, "I don't care!"


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Checked-by:  (Joel W. Johnson)