Source: San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Pubdate: Tue, 12 May 1998


DURING my 15 years as San Jose police chief, I found George Kennedy to be a
prosecutor with outstanding skills and integrity. He is tough on crime but
has the courage to temper prosecution with common sense and decency in the
pursuit of justice.

Accusing Kennedy of softness because he reduces drug charges against some
three-strikes defendants is demagoguery. His opponent ignores the fact that
the law was passed in anger at recidivist violent offenders such as the one
who murdered Polly Klaas.

The streets of Santa Clara County are safer because of Kennedy's
even-handed justice. Electing an extremist in place of Kennedy will not
reduce crime but will confront every citizen with the possibility of being
pursued by an over-zealous D.A. who puts political expediency above ethical

- -- Joseph D. McNamara

Research fellow, Hoover Institution
Stanford University

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Checked-by:  (Joel W. Johnson)