Pubdate: Mon, 30 Mar 1998
Source: The Scotsman


Sir, - Regarding the article, "Some call it the 'chemical cosh', to the
Marins it's a blessed relief" (25 March), you have once again promoted
misleading information about the drug, Ritalin, used to treat hyperactivity
and bullying.

In fact, Ritalin was designed to treat schizophrenia in the United States
in the 1950s, but now American emergency rooms are filling with teenagers
dying or having over-dosed on this drug.

It was never designed to be used long-term, but American and Scottish
children are learning to be drug-dependent on this drug. While side-effects
are individual and varying, severe effects can include schizophrenia,
neurological symptoms and even death. What's worse is that you rarely
mention homeopathic medicine and its high cure rates for Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as many other difficult paediatric

We provide natural medication without side-effects (at low cost), medicine
which also builds up the immune systems instead of suppressing them.

Homeopathic medicine is clinically proven by my well-respected American
colleagues, both professional homeopaths and qualified physician alike.

C Diana Cunningham Cherubim Children's Clinic Gillespie Place Edinburgh