Pubdate: 14 March 1998
Source: London Free Press
Author: John Miner, Free Press Regional Affairs Reporter


TILLSONBURG -- Federal Health Minister Allan Rock says he is taking
seriously a plea by Londoner Lynn Harichy to legalize marijuana for medical

Harichy, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, met with Rock in Tillsonburg
Friday, asking him to push for legalization for such purposes. She was
pleased with his response. "I'm really happy," Harichy said. Rock said he
and Justice Minister Anne McLellan have asked senior civil servants to
review the implications of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. He
said he hopes to have a solid response for Harichy within months.

"I told her we are taking her position very seriously," Rock said. Rock was
in Tillsonburg Friday to announce the legalization of industrial hemp, a
close relative of the marijuana plant that has no psychoactive qualities.
Harichy, who is facing charges for possession of marijuana, said she told
Rock of her plan to open a Medical Marijuana Buyers Club in London.

The club will sell marijuana to members who have doctors' letters
confirming they have cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis,
paraplegia, quadriplegia, epilepsy, glaucoma and intractable pain. "I told
him I want to give patients an opportunity to get it without having to buy
it off the street. I said I don't want to go to jail for it. He said they
are very, very close to a resolution," Harichy said.

Harichy said if changes aren't made in the law, she will be in court on the
possession charge in June or July. She is raising money for her defence.
Osgoode Hall law professor Alan Young has agreed to defend Harichy on the