Pubdate: Thursday, 5 March 1998
Source: Calgary Herald

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Re: 'Police not turning other cheek to dope,' Calgary Herald, Feb. 28.

Staff Sgt. Gord Banack says that a conviction for a drug offense might
prevent young people from getting a student loan in Alberta.

When I read this, I was shocked, since it seems to me that not only is this
discriminatory but potentially infringes on an applicantıs Charter rights.

So I asked a few questions and did some checking at the Alberta Students
Finance web page and asked some Alberta students if this was the case.
Banack is incorrect. As I suspected, the presence of a criminal record has
no bearing on a student loan application in Alberta.

Chalk another one up to 'reefer madness'. Itıs no wonder kids today donıt
take anti-drug campaigns seriously when theyıre given misleading and false
information like this.

Timothy J. Meehan
Toronto, Ont.