Pubdate: 29 December 1998
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (Canada)
Author:   Ken Lane, Victoria


The Dec. 18 article entitled "Illegal drug trade is a power tool of
the elite" authored by Jim Hackler seems to echo sentiments of the
'60s: down with "the establishment" and "Americans go home."

Following the logic of his own article, it can be concluded that this
adjunct professor of sociology at the University of Victoria has an
anarchist streak in his attitude toward society.

His blanket approach suggesting all police eventually accept bribes
from the drug world is as erroneous as it is offensive. His contention
that heroin and cocaine do less damage than tobacco and alcohol 
demonstrates an ivory tower naivete similar to that demonstrated by
the pro-drugs professors at Simon Fraser University.

The flip side of a more tolerant attitude toward illegal drugs has not
been taken into account by Hackler, (more domestic violence, more
carnage on the roads, more accidents in the workplace.

Although he stipulates that he is not arguing for outright
legalization of all drugs, he seems patently unaware that strategies
such as harm reduction are drug lobbyist schemes to have illegal drugs
eventually legalized.

The first step in protecting one's family members from the ravages of
substance abuse is to learn about the dangers of drug abuse and
discuss these facts in the home. The first step is not, as Hackler
would have it, to try to come to grips with North American drug policies.

Ken Lane

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Checked-by: Rich O'Grady