Pubdate: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 
Source: Journal-Inquirer (CT)
Author: Gerald Sutliff
Note: This is in response to the Journal-Inquirer editorial "It's The
Drugs, Stupid" at:


The column in the Dec. 19 edition of the Journal Inquirer (from The Day of
New London) about the inability of Long Lane's staff to address the drug
abuse problem of its involuntary residents is not quite on point.

Most drug abusers have emotional or "adjustment" problems before they ever
begin using drugs.  Drug abuse hardly makes things better for them, but
ignoring the underlying cause of drug abuse is also stupid. No drug abuser,
young or old, deserves incarceration.  Each needs love, understanding,
tolerance, and help.  Blaming the drugs alone is a self-defeating conundrum.

Gerald M. Sutliff
Emeryville, Calif. 
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Checked-by: Richard Lake