Pubdate: Wed, 16 Dec 1998
Source: Canberra Times (Australia)
Page: 8
Author: John Miller


THE BANNER headline story ("Heroin 'safe room' before Cabinet", CT,
December 8) omitted important information.

The NSW Parliament set up a joint committee to sift through the
arguments for and against safe injecting rooms for NSW. They did so in
response to the Wood Royal commission recommendation. The committee
visited similar facilities in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

The committee, comprising members from both sides of Parliament,
reported to the NSW Parliament in Febtuary this year. It was an
up-to-date, comprehensive report full of facts both for and against.
After full consideration, the NSW committee rejected the proposal as
too hazardous.

It recommended that any funds for injecting rooms should instead by
used for drug-rehabilitation programs.

I would be happy to make my copy of the report available to any of our
MLAs, or anyone else who wants to be informed of the facts. One thing
is for sure, if Canberrans don't know the facts before the proposal is
decided upon, they will quickly learn the unpleasant and, costly facts
if the proposal goes ahead.

JOHN MILLER Christian Democratic Party, (Fred Nile Group) ACT branch,

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Checked-by: Rich O'Grady