Source: Halifax Daily News (Canada)
Copyright: 1998 The Daily News.
Pubdate: 6 Dec 1998


To the editor:

I am not surprised teens are turned off (Teens Turned Off By Drug-Search
Ruling, The Sunday Daily News, Nov. 29.) At 51, I look over the society of
Canadians and it is becoming patently obvious we are ever so gradually
shifting toward fascism.

This is becoming increasingly evident when you look at the powers the
police have been given and the laws being passed that infringe on our human

The silly litany of "We don't want to give out the wrong message" the
politicians keep pursuing is meaningless nonsense.

I don't advocate drug use or alcohol use among the young, but it is a reality.

The message is out there, but the politicians have not been listening while
they pursue the lunatic policies of another nation.

Prohibition has spawned all sorts of evil and corruption in our society,
including some laws that do more damage to the youth and basic fabric of
our society than one can believe.

Look at what is happening in the U.S.A., where prohibition of alcohol in
the 1930s certainly didn't work - as their prohibition and "war on drugs"
doesn't work.

The young people in our country who challenge the puritanical hypocrisy
that surrounds this issue should be given a great deal of praise. Their
parents should be proud of them. The parents in this country had better
start thinking out of their box on this issue, because the country that we
leave young people is going to be in one hell of a mess.

Good luck to the youth of our country, and may they be victorious in their
fight against those who are running the country down. It would seem the
older generation has thrown in the towel.

I'll keep writing letters until I am blue.

Eugene Hines Via the Internet 
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Checked-by: Mike Gogulski