Pubdate: Thur, 26 Nov 1998
Source: Evening News (UK)
Contact:  Alun Buffry, Winter Road, Norwich


I am absolutely appalled at the Government's total refusal to allow people
who suffer from some dreadful problems and others who are dying, access to a
plant which can be grown at home.

I am sickened to my heart.

What is the point of reports such as the Lord's if the Government will not

Not that it is a surprise. The Labour Party have for some time been against
a Royal Commission saying that if the recommendation was legalisation of
cannabis they would not listen.

The ears of the Government are blocked.

They would seemingly prefer to let people suffer.  And why?

Because its Pharmaceutical masters who make synthetic drugs are not ready;
because those masters cannot patent a plant.

It is the people who must now tell the Government in no vague terms that we
want cannabis to be available for those in need.

We want our rights.

If we do not get them then we will take legal action in the international

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Checked-by: Don Beck