Pubdate: Mon, 23 Nov 1998
Source: Evening News (UK)
Contact:  Melissa Dawson


I was shocked to read that the headteacher of Earlham High thinks "carrying
drugs should be seen as the highest level of offence" within his school and
that people caught with drugs should face permanent exclusion.

Surely violence, verbal abuse and general disruption are all more serious

If students are found to possess a drug then, yes, they may need help
reassessing their lives and motivation but simply "carrying" a drug effects
no one within the school except the individual, and they should not be
punished for it.

It is akin to punishing teachers, not for offering pupils cigarettes but for
bringing a packet into work with them!

As for excluding pupils from school, this is down right malicious. Instead
of taking action to prevent the problems associated with drug use occurring,
Tom Samain seems determined to excarcberate the situation as much as

Does he think that barring his pupils from school and crippling their job
prospects is going to help them?

I also think the possibility of drug testing within the school environment
is a disgusting invasion of privacy.

The result will be higher truancy and exclusion rates at school, paranoia,
worse job prospects, and absolutely no respect for the people that are
teaching them.

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Checked-by: Don Beck