Pubdate: Thu, 19 Nov 1998
Source: Advertiser, The (Australia)
Page: 16
Author: Lili Baker, Wattle Park

Right To A Choice Of Alternatives

I refer to an article (The Advertiser 30/10/98) concerning the arrest
of dozens of street dealers on heroin.  I would very much doubt that
this oprtation will affect the use and abuse of drugs.  However, it is
encouraging to note that users will be given the chance of

I imagine that drug dependents will be offered methadone - an opium
substitute for heroin - which will, of course, reduce crime if the
addicts don't resort to heroin use as well, as is very often the case.
 Taking methadone is swapping one addictive drug for another.

However, I hope that these people are offered alternatives to
methadone to cure their addiction to opiates of any kind. 
Drug-addicted people have the right to a choice and Drug Aid gives one
an opportunity to rid themselves of any habit.

Lili Baker
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