Source: Examiner The (Ireland)
Copyright: Examiner Publications Ltd, 1998
Author: Derek Williams
Pubdate: 24 November 1998



AT LAST there is a realisation that the problems of drug use cannot be
solved by enforcement. Perhaps it won't take too long before the
politicians realise that enforcement of drug prohibition actually causes
most of the problems.

I welcome the EU-wide campaign of demand reduction, designed to make drug
use less appealing, but it should always be remembered that any publicity
is good publicity.

Unless the dealers are removed, the selling will continue and all the
negative advertising the state may like to produce will only serve as
product awareness.

The world trade in illegal drugs is a massive business and reaches every
corner of society. This is a trade war, not an issue of law and order, and
the way to win a trade war is to undercut the suppliers. The profits to be
made in illegal drugs are huge, but they are big only because of their
illegal nature, that's the way with black markets. This fight against drugs
will not be won unless the war on drugs is ended.

Derek Williams, 21, Pembroke Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 3HD, - ---
Checked-by: Pat Dolan