Pubdate: Wed, 4 Nov 1998
Source: Herald Sun (Australia)
Page: 20
Copyright: News Limited 1998
Author: Leonard King


IT'S time society tackled the drug problem from a different direction.
The mega millions of dollars spent so far have had little effect. The
money would be better spent elsewhere.

Drugs, like alcohol, should be legalised and sold through licensed
outlets, where government regulations would ensure "clean" drugs and
needles. This would eradicate the criminal element, as the end of the
prohibition in the US demonstrated.

Addicts should then be treated no differently to drunks and
alcoholics. In other words, let those who use, suffer the
consequences, their only hope being rehabilitation centres, not
monetary handouts.

With the advent of a GST, state governments would reap millions of
dollars - a portion to be spent on drug education. Sadly, drugs are
here to stay and society has to find a better way.

Leonard King,

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Checked-by: Rich O'Grady