Pubdate: Thu, 12 Mar 1998
Date: 12/03/1998
Source: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
Author: Maria M. Moon

I lost a very close relative earlier this year due to alcohol, and I
am still grieving over that loss. However, I think that one way to
really get rid of the epidemic of drug addiction as well as alcoholism
would be legalization.

Most street drugs are being consumed by teen-agers, mainly because
they are the "forbidden fruit." Alcohol, although legal, is still the
"forbidden fruit" to those who are under 21. Furthermore, there is a
criminal element out there that is making the kind of money that most
of us will never see in a lifetime because of the criminality of drug

Our society is losing the "war against drugs," and we will keep losing
it as more teen-agers either die or become mentally or physically
handicapped, not to mention the babies born to drug-addicted mothers.

Legalization of drugs and the removal of the minimum age for alcohol
would benefit our society because the government could license and tax
these substances just like anything else we consume. After these
substances are legalized, then increase the education about alcohol
and drug use and show graphically how bad it is all for us.

Once the element of prohibition is removed, fewer teen-agers will be
tempted to try alcohol or drugs, the criminal element will lose its
main source of income, and there will be more room behind bars for the
violent criminals who are truly a threat to our society.

Maria M. Moon
Fort Worth