Pubdate: Thu, 12 Feb 1998
Date: 12/02/1998
Source: Times Journal (Cobleskill, NY)
Author: Walter F. Wouk

Recently, Michigan State University student Bradley McCue, who was
celebrating his 21st birthday, died from acute alcohol poisoning after
drinking 24 shots of liquor in less than two hours.

Bradley McCue may have been poisoned by alcohol, but it was ignorance
that killed him.

The Partnership for a Drug Free America is well aware that alcohol is
the most widely tried drug among teenagers, but their numerous
anti-drug advertisements are fixated on marijuana.

Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey acknowledges that "alcohol is ,,,
responsible for more damage in our society than any other drug on the
street," But, the Office of National Drug Control Policy prefers to
demonize adult marijuana use, while ignoring teenage boozers.

Junior and senior high school students drink 35 percent of all wine
coolers sold in the U.S.; they also consume 1.1 billion cans of beer.
87 percent of high school seniors have used alcohol; in comparison, 63
percent have smoked cigarettes; 32 percent have used marijuana, and
only 6 percent have used cocaine.  Alcohol-related motor vehicle
accidents are the leading cause of death and disability among American

In 1998 Congress gave the ONDCP and the Partnership for a Drug Free
America $195 million to run a new national anti-drug media campaign --
a campaign that conspicuously avoids mentioning alcohol.  In 1998
Bradley McCue died from an over dose of alcohol because he didn't know
it was a dangerous drug.  Ignorance kills.  And so do political agendas.

Walter F. Wouk - president NORML in Schoharie