Pubdate: Tue, 20 Oct 1998
Date: 10/20/1998
Source: Halifax Daily News (Canada)
Author: Dana Larsen
Note: Dana Larsen is editor of Cannabis Culture magazine

To the editor: I write regarding Police Trying Hard To Control
"Exploding" Global Drug Trade (The Daily News, Oct. 15). A worldwide
increase in the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is a good
thing that should be applauded by world leaders, not condemned.

Unlike alcohol, tobacco, heroin, or cocaine, marijuana is non-toxic
and has no overdose potential.

It is one of the safest herbs known to man, and if more people are
using marijuana, then less of them are using one of these other,
dangerously toxic drugs. Choosing to use marijuana instead of these
other drugs is a wise and responsible decision public-health officials
should support.

Dana Larsen Editor, Cannabis Culture magazine Vancouver,

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