Pubdate: Tue, 09 Jun 1998
Date: 09/06/1998
Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Author: Pat Dolan
Comment: Parenthetical remarks by the Sun editor, headline by MAP

KIM BRADLEY'S report, "Top cops want bucks to fight organized crime"
(Aug. 25) is another example of how that unholy trinity of police,
press and politicians co-operate to bamboozle the public.

I wonder who stands to gain by spreading scare stories like this one?
Obviously, the police - to pad the budget.

And the press - nothing better to sell newspapers with than a nice,
juicy, police-backed scare story.

And the politicians - enough already!

All these articles have one thing in common: the common-sense solution
is never mentioned.

Andy Scott knows what to do: "Tackle the problem with a nationally
organized police force set up to hit them where it hurts the most - in
the pocketbook." Well, why aren't the bikers shooting each other for
control of the liquor trade?

Obviously, because the government controls the liquor

If Scott and the police were really concerned, they could put the
gangs out of business tomorrow by taking control of the drug trade.

It would put a real dent in their pocketbooks. It might involve having
to admit society's regulators were wrong.

As we know, presidents and politicians would rather start or continue
a war than do that. So don't look for this one to end any time soon.

Pat Dolan

(Sadly, the drug trade would find a way to get around the