Pubdate: Wed, 26 Aug 1998
Date: 08/26/1998
Source: Willamette Week (OR)
Author: Steve Sandoz

I cannot recall being angrier during the eight years I've been
battling cancer than I was when I read Multnomah County Sheriff Dan
Noelle's quote in your article on the efforts to legalize marijuana
for medical use ["Dope with Dignity," WW, Aug. 12, 1998]: "If I'm a
cancer patient and I convinced myself a bourbon and cigar would make
me feel better, it would."

What a callous, horrible thing to say. The man is clearly an idiot,
but that is no excuse to be completely without compassion for the
millions of people who suffer from the many forms of this terrible
disease. No, Sheriff Dan, bourbon and cigar smoke only help if you're
a politician with your head up your ass. Many of the drugs I'm given
to deal with the pain and nausea of this disease and its treatments
are far more addictive and potentially dangerous than marijuana. If
safe and legal pot was made available, I, and many others, would be
grateful for the option.

Steve Sandoz
Southwest Upper Drive