Pubdate: Fri, 14 Aug 1998
Date: 08/14/1998
Source: The Sudbury Star (Canada)
Author: Redford Givens

Dear Editor:

Health Minister Allan Rock has wed himself to Reefer Madness lies and
to hell with the science and medical evidence that marijuana is an
effective medication.

The only reason anybody questions the medical utility of marijuana is
because of a 70-year blizzard of deception, dissembling and propaganda
from crooked government officials.

Or is Rock so ignorant that he doesn't know that marijuana was a valid
prescription medication in the United States until 1969.

Obviously, Rock has not kept up with the dozens of peer reviewed
studies in the last 15 years proving the efficacy of cannabis for
everything from asthma relief to preventing lethal nausea from

Canada cannot afford to have a person such as Rock, who substitutes
Reefer Madness fiction for medical knowledge regulating the health
matters of the entire nation.

Redford Givens
San Francisco