Pubdate: Thu, 08 Oct 1998
Date: 08/10/1998
Source: The Province (Canada)
Author: Anthony Robertson

Re "No free drugs," Our View, Aug. 4: Search as I might, I can only
find two genuine beneficiaries of the drug trade.

The first: Criminals who help to create the supply and demand and
profit mightily.

The second: Law-enforcement agencies whose budgets benefit from the
long-lost but ongoing so-called war on drugs.

Both have strong vested interests in things remaining pretty much as
they are.

The only focus on decriminalization I'm aware of is the focus
politicians and law-enforcement agencies bring to it through the wrong
end of the telescope -- which is pretty much well-simulated shock and

I think it is safe to predict that the drug problem will not change
significantly until the tough questions are asked and some real
answers found and faced.

Not more of the same hocus pocus, but real focus.

Anthony Robertson