Pubdate: Wed, 08 Jul 1998
Date: 08/07/1998
Source: Bulletin (OR)
Author: Gerald Hannafin

Barry Mc Caffrey's circular arguments, that harm reduction won't
reduce harm and that people who favor legalization should not be
trusted because they favor legalization, seem to rely on the
assumption that people who want drugs legalized are somehow bad or

A person is not a crimminal merely because he considers an
alternative approach to a problem that 20 years of the current
approach have been unable to solve. Is this the new McCarthyism? Are
drug users to be the pariahs of the new millenium? If so, who's next?
Cigarette smokers? Beer drinkers?

Children are being suspended from school for Rolaids. What has our
free country come to?

Gerald Hannafin
Woodside, N.Y.