Pubdate: Mon, 22 Jun 1998
Date: 06/22/1998
Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Author: Ken Russell

IT MAY come as a surprise to Father Laurie Cusack (Letters, June 17)
to find out that drug harm minimisation is not only our Government's
official strategy but a highly successful one at that.

Father Cusack believes his stance is "governed by the most up-to-date
information".  I don't think so.

Almost all major studies of drug policy from around the world -
including the Victorian Government's Pennington report - concluded
that our current drug laws need to be reformed, if not revoked.

Father Cusack could find many of these policy documents via the
Internet's library of drug policy at, both
for and against change.

A major argument advanced by those who oppose change to our drugs laws
is the concern that such change might send "the wrong message" to our

I'm fed up with hearing about the stereotypical susceptible child who
apparently might view any lessening in our drug laws as an excuse to
shoot-up on heroin.

The children I know understand the issue all too well, and know
exactly what reform of drug laws would mean - an acknowledgement that
current methods are bit the best way to control drug abuse.

Ken Russell
North Wollongong