Pubdate: Mon, 18 May 1998
Date: 05/18/1998
Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Author: Alan Randell

ON APRIL 30 you published a letter of mine that made essentially two
points: 1) A response of yours to a previous letter criticizing
Canada's drug laws "reveals in stunning clarity the extent of your
ignorance, your bigotry and your hypocrisy;" 2) There is no more
reason to persecute drug users and distributors today than there was
in the past to burn witches at the stake, lynch blacks or gas Jews.

Your response? "Your blacks and Jews remark is insulting." Yes, I
suppose to an ignorant person, the truth can be a bit unsettling. Now
why don't you take your favorite crayon in hand and try to list why
drug users, who physically harm no one but themselves, must be
punished? Well at least you have no problem with my comments on "the
extent of your ignorance, your bigotry and your hypocrisy."

Alan Randell

(Harm no one but themselves? Give that loosely attached noggin of
yours a shake.)