Pubdate: Wed, 27 May 1998
Date: 05/27/1998
Source: London Free Press (Canada)
Author: Lynn Harichy

Regarding, Calgary case highlights medicinal use of marijuana (May

Increasingly, medical users of marijuana are coming forward. It is
quite clear to me this herb is helping people, but it is illegal. How
many more people are going to be denied this natural medicine? Why are
more standing up to take a stand for something that is natural with
very little harm?

We are asked to take medicine that sometimes harms us but are denied a
medicine that is natural, with little or no harm to most. When do we
have the right to say "No more abuse to my body, I want to try
natural?" When are we allowed to take responsibility for our own health?

How many more non-violent, otherwise law-abiding, citizens will be
punished for doing something they are told is wrong, but know morally
has no harm?

How can our government allow this kind of suffering to go on, knowing
they have studies and many court cases that have proven the need to
change the laws?

Lynn Harichy