Pubdate: Mon, 16 Nov 1998
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
Section: The Morning Mail
Copyright: 1998 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Author: Daniel S. Peters


A plan to provide drug users with syringes in order that we might prevent 
the spread of AIDS among them -- what's next? Shall we equip armed robbers 
with bullet-resistant vests? Whatever buffoon or council of buffoonery that 
came up with this idea lacks all foresight and any common sense.

Let us scrutinize closely these people who would have been the recipients 
of our help. If we cannot trust them to take care of themselves or their 
own children, how can we trust them to dispose of needles properly?

By providing these people with needles, we are escalating the dangers of 
infection for non-drug users. With more needles out there on the streets, 
the odds are higher that a sanitation worker will pick up a plastic garbage 
bag and a needle will poke through the bag and stick him or her. And who 
wants to be responsible for a child finding a needle or accidentally 
stepping on one?

People who do stupid things should suffer the consequences of their 
mistakes; they should not be coddled while repeating the same mistake over 
and over again. Besides, we should be helping these people get off drugs, 
not providing them with the tools they need to continue doing drugs.

We should be protecting the people who live correctly, not the ones whose 
every action proves they do not care. Not everyone deserves to be saved.

Daniel S. Peters